Me and my breaking heart

It seems that payment is being exacted for my transatlantic blast by way of a series of breakages.

Dad fell and broke his hip and is doing his 86 year old best to re-mobilise. He is frustrated and fed up but is making amazing progress. Undoubtedly the thought of being held captive for much longer is firing his resolve!

And why only earth should I think there was just the one major problem to deal with? My heart seems to be malfunctioning as well. A routine echo (echocardiogram) hasn’t shown good results. I have to attend every 3 months for these checks in order to continue the use of herceptin (which is keeping the cancer at bay) but has known cardiac side-effects. It appears that marked changes are showing in my left ventricular function. Hopefully this can be treated with medication which will be assessed in another 3 months. If the increased medications don’t work then, I was told, it will be decided whether my life is more at risk from the treatment for the cancer or the cancer itself…Back to rolling the dice…

…and all the surrounding stress seems to be resulting in all manner of other breakages…

  • Coffee pots x 2
  • Teapots x 2
  • Baking dishes x 1
  • Wineglasses x 3
  • Cat dishes x 3

but who’s counting?






2 thoughts on “Me and my breaking heart

  1. Breaking heart Sorry to hear about your dad it sounds that you are like him with determination. I’m surethat you are needing plenty of this at the moment. My thoughts as always are with you. Love Sandra x

    Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:46:41 +0000 To:


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