Lunching to lounging

Who are these people? At every turn (and, it seems this lady is “for turning”….a lot), I seem to be encountering the phrase “your Christmas Day outfit and style” – this dilemma is not one I am familiar with, shop for or…to be perfectly honest, give undue consideration to…I am not a Christmas jumper kind of person and glitter/kitchens don’t really gel. For me, it is really a day that is barely one step up from a pyjama day but includes smoked salmon. That’s my take on it but my table will, naturally be heaving…Philip in the Cabbage Van has made his first visit – the prelude to Christmas order and he or another will be back midweek in one of their fruity or veggie vans…

Elvis and my other Deep South Christmas merchandise will be up and will, inevitably set the required tone…

2015-11-20 12.52.12

But…Santa, LBD and glitz aside, health issues continue. More treatment on Monday when I imagine I will have to confront the newly found heart problems but am trying to let it ride and just keep taking the tablets. What a can of worms this cancer lark is. With eyes firmly on the future, not past it seems the treatment can cause the same survival issues as the disease…maybe it’s better (?) to die from heart problems than cancer…who knows and guess I won’t get to choose, but I can sit and ponder.

My friend was interred at Highgate Cemetery this week. She now has a foot (or some ash) in both of her much loved worlds – the Caribbean, where she will forever stalk its marine life and north London, her other home, near the Ladies’ Pond. It was another day of memory, poetry, tears, flowers and rum but inevitably some bass notes of black humour.


Poems all the more poignant as they were in her own handwriting…

2015-12-16 11.24.13

and there goes my heart..breaking all over again…



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