It’s the night before Christmas…again…

As this year starts to wind in its neck, I am reflecting on the number of obstacles I have negotiated this year (which I already knew were on the horizon when I predicted 2015 as my annus horribliest). They have come and gone…and I haven’t.

  • Deaths – 2 (my friend/my cousin)
  • Marriage – decree absolute achieved after finally starting to realise that the whole 23 years had been a chimera
  • Sale of “family” home
  • Trumped up, desperate allegations delivered by the police from my former friend – TWICE!
  • continuing treatment of cancer

…and others…

But as it turns out there are silver linings

  • I am still alive
  • I have a lovely new home which I have furnished and adorned without having to refer/defer to anybody
  • I find I do have a sense of adventure. I started the year in Israel in an attempt to “connect” to my roots in some way…it may demonstrate how shallow I am that I did “connect” in the music-riven Bible Belt of the Deep South of US in the Fall of the year. Both trips really drilled down into my inner core and are helping me in all sorts of ways.
  • (…and going back to being shallow) I like being a UK size 10 (and even bought an item of Size Zero clothing this year)…AND…I have a pair of leather trousers.
  • I have people (who I love and who love me) surrounding me as much or as little as I want
  • continuing treatment of cancer
  • I am happy

..and to return to the night before Christmas. I have not, or not as yet…broken the trifle dish…last year I had only pedestal to serve…this happened twice. Fingers crossed for this year.






5 thoughts on “It’s the night before Christmas…again…

  1. Trifle looks delicious. Hope you are having a good day, and not eating too much or you won’t get into those leather trousers;

    Happy Christmas.


  2. Oh Wendy,

    That was a positive and wonderful message that you sent. You do write well! What about a good novel? You now have lots of material and (unlike many of the shocking authors that I have to read, as part of my job) you can write. Now, all you would have to do is find a publisher! And you know one well!

    I look forward to reading the mss.

    Bev xxx

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd


  3. Hi Wendy –

    I was on Israel trip with you and glad to hear good things. I have been back twice in 2015 and planning my first 2016 trip. Love your blog and its bluntness!


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