Throwing my rhinestones out of the pram

Feeling incensed.

WHY? WHY? WHY? does every item about someone who has died from cancer talk about them losing the battle? Cancer is a disease – you don’t fight, you are treated (or not) for it. It doesn’t matter how strongly you think you are “fighting” you live or die of the disease like other diseases…you don’t appear to have to battle diabetes, motor neurone disease, heart disease, HIV, malaria…What is it about cancer that you are assumed to be in a war zone where you will be triumphant if only you can be strong enough?

I’m not. I’m living with cancer (yes…you can say that word without use of the Big C of any other euphemism), being treated for cancer (there I go again) and there is not a battleground in sight. I am not fighting…neither winning nor losing, just living….for the time being….with CANCER




3 thoughts on “Throwing my rhinestones out of the pram

  1. I agree totally. I felt exactly the same when I had it. ‘Ok, I’ve got cancer, now let’s get on and do whatever is necessary about it’, is what I thought. I think that Victoria Derbyshire also said that she didn’t feel that she was ‘battling’ it.


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