Monthly Archives: January 2016

This girl can…sort of…

Another week, another death, another eulogy, another funeral, another layer of loss, another poke in the ribs of mortality, another reason to buckle…but then I find another reason why not to…

I have been buoyed by an onstage reminder (and a lot of laughter) of my “forever” dream (really!) to become a doo-wop (backing) singer. AND I asked Jim to Fix It back in the day – he didn’t, but suspect that’s a good thing.  Saw these gals in action  (albeit in some fairly dodgy outfits) and it nudged me.  If they can, I can. Unsure of the best entry route (aged 55) or how much demand there is, come to that. However, I’m just thinking this girl can…and the more cliched the more kitsch the better!



Tangled Up in Blue…

Blue Monday tomorrow – apparently the most depressing day of the year, “birthed” by a PR company only 10 years ago…and how depressing is that? Why would anyone create such an excuse to puff people up for sadness?

Maybe a day to think outside the blue box we are being corralled into

  • Klein blue – what could be more uplifting than this monochrome?
  • Memphis Blues – how can you not smile and dissolve into your own world, let Blue Monday look after itself…
  • Blue Moon – unpredictable and effectively an “added extra” – how can a new moon be a source of sadness?
  • Blue Ridge Mountains – in my current favourite area of US & of course subject of a Dolly Parton song – gotta smile
  • blues and twos/Blue Peter/blue rinses/blu-tack and…enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers have got to make you chortle at being British

…and so I shall drift nonchalantly in and out of Blue Monday continuing to walk the tightrope between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

“Blue, here is a shell for you
Inside you’ll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me”

Joni Mitchell


Doing Living To Death

Having resolved some things, parked some things and walked away from others I am ready to start some journeying.

  • I have made decisions about dispensing with as much diagnostic testing as I am able. This has been and will remain a challenge.
  • I am not trying to run away
  • I am fearless and self-sufficient
  • I feel comfortable enough with myself, my own abilities and my prognosis
  • I (finally) realise just how many dreams I had been harbouring and how many of them can be realised

and I plan to “do” living to death…if you know what I mean.

So…two travelling adventures booked for 2016 and two “pending”. I am determinedly moving out of the “horrible” years….annus horribilis, followed by the annus horriblier and then horribliest with abandon. Planning to do a full-frontal charge into the (what I hope will be) my annus mirabilis or even (and I do dare dream) anni mirabiles – if my Latin is correct after all these years.