Doing Living To Death

Having resolved some things, parked some things and walked away from others I am ready to start some journeying.

  • I have made decisions about dispensing with as much diagnostic testing as I am able. This has been and will remain a challenge.
  • I am not trying to run away
  • I am fearless and self-sufficient
  • I feel comfortable enough with myself, my own abilities and my prognosis
  • I (finally) realise just how many dreams I had been harbouring and how many of them can be realised

and I plan to “do” living to death…if you know what I mean.

So…two travelling adventures booked for 2016 and two “pending”. I am determinedly moving out of the “horrible” years….annus horribilis, followed by the annus horriblier and then horribliest with abandon. Planning to do a full-frontal charge into the (what I hope will be) my annus mirabilis or even (and I do dare dream) anni mirabiles – if my Latin is correct after all these years.





5 thoughts on “Doing Living To Death

  1. School motto probably very appropriate here – per ardua ad alta – through difficulties to the heights!! Size 10 & size zero????? Do you want friends?!! Stop that foul language!! xx


  2. The song “Don’t stop me now” should be aimed at you. The rest of the song
    goes. “I’M HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME. I really hope this will happen for you..


  3. Go for it girl!

    Life can be curly….

    We have just sold our dream home as my Paul has not been able to find work (the company he worked for sold out 2.5 years ago, and who wants a 66 year old accountant) and the house is just too expensive to run. He has had a run of ill health (osteo-myelitis for 9 months, hernias, fractured coccyx) and is very depressed. We have bought a new home (a very much smaller townhouse) and now start that oh so depressing task of giving away, selling, throwing away of all those many wonderfully memory-imbued bits and bobs that make up a lifetime. (but you know that! You have just done it!)

    So here we go again…..

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd


  4. love sandras post agree wholeheartedly.All those tests dont tell you much and take up so much time (?waste it)you have better things to do.Enjoy 2016!!


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