Unsure how well known this hasthtag is. Brought to life by the wonderful Dr Kate Granger – a doctor in Yorkshire turned patient by cancer. Read her book The Other Side.

I have not been silent by choice. After an infusion of acute stress last week my reaction was a near fatal collapse – blue lighted to hospital, 5 days in intensive care, when my family were gathered in the small hours to be told that I probably wouldn’t make it through the night. After being ventilated, intubated, gastro fed, catheterised, lumbar punctured, scanned, x-rayed, monitored to the nth degree and many bits too gory and hallucinatory to mention I remain undiagnosed but fit to communicate, even though fit for very little else…although I have at last been able to have a shower.

It is so comforting to know that even as paramedics cut off my clothes…my cat remained asleep next to me…Not so, my son…my rock.

So, my plans for doing the “living to death” have taken a dramatic nosedive or diversion at the very least until neurology/cardiology find a diagnosis that is compatible with travel…some hope eh…? At present a hairwash feels like living the life. The options currently range from stroke to living with type 1 diabetes and other delights. Me..I expect no definitive diagnosis.

I have lots to say about the ups and downs of this continuing experience. How dare anybody complain about our NHS and the dedication of all its staff. How dare they challenge the rightful requests of our junior doctors. I can only think they are people that sit behind desks and don’t ever see life at the true coalface.

When I did not show up for my oncology appointment because of being hospitalised in a different hospital, my wonderful consultant looked me up on the hospital system, saw what had happened and phoned me on my ward to talk with me.






20 thoughts on “#HelloMyNameis

  1. Oh Wendy, that’s awful. I hope you are feeling better very soon, and that they can get to the bottom of this for you. Thinking of you and here to help if needed. Lots of love. Jody. x


  2. Wendy, I was so sorry to hear about your collapse, but very glad to hear from you! Sending you love and get well vibes. Laura xx


  3. Just got back today Wendy, have emailed you, now we are both in shock, please please get stronger soon. Is there anything we can do to help?

    This is sent with our fondest love, Anne & Paul xxx Sent from my iPad

    Sent from my iPad >


  4. So glad to hear you got through this latest trauma, Wendy, hope they find a diagnosis, but like you say it will prob remain unsolved. Good to know that you can communicate with us all again, I’ve been wondering how you were getting on. Thinking of you, love, Marion xxx


  5. OMG Wendy…..this is just devastating news! Why did all this come about? Thinking of you……

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd


  6. Wow…. Tears are in my eyes as I write this. Wendy we were so worried about you…. Especially mum xx God bless Patrick and your oncologist and the NHS! We all love so much xx Pamela Julian Auntie Miriam and all @ Rainsbury Central xx

    Sent from my iPad



  7. Welcome back. Here’s hoping the stress trigger subsides and that the NHS continues to serve you so brilliantly. I’m round the corner so bear me in mind if you need any support. And well done Patrick and the cat for being there for you in their own ways! xxx


  8. so sorry to hear what you have been through .hope you are feeling more like yourself again.why didn’t they do a manicure and a pedicure in amongst all the other things.Praying for you . .alice


  9. Awesome post in so many ways Wendy. The frankness without hysteria lays bare just how hard “living to death” can be. I do hope you can find an equilibrium soon and can continue with the fabulous kick-arse attitude.
    Lovely tribute to our NHS and reassuring to know you’ll be getting such careful attention from your consultant.
    Sending a hug, Lisa xx


      1. Something beautiful about the result of unfiltered and then filtered through the many perspectives of time, experience, others etc – I know writing is my strongest weapon in processing all this through my own continued uncertainties. I don’t have your current urgencies but fear them all over again. Reading this is invigorating and reminding me (once again!) to treasure simple moments and my son and my cats..
        Love your writing style and look forward to more. Lisa xx


  10. Blimey, what a ghastly experience. Heard from SK that things were really bad, she was of course very worried for and about you. So glad you’ve pulled through to tell the tale, and hope that things improve enough for you to carry on enjoying life.
    As you say, the NHS is amazing and we are incredibly lucky still to have it to support and care for us. Can’t bear to see what the Axis of Evil is doing to it.


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