Cold-shoulder dress

Since I have been ill, since I have retired, since my previous life evaporated…I have entered worlds I didn’t know existed, unearthed all manner of life skills, life accessories and more.

And yet there is always another learning experience out there, waiting to be discovered.  Whilst I have been trying to exercise my mind by partaking in MOOC (and increasing my day-to-day acronym language) – all the time there was “the cold-shoulder dress” out there, who knew? Really…They are everywhere. I just wasn’t looking in the right places at the right time. Now, however, I am on the cutting edge-ish…

I am not sure that the look is quite the thing for the “mature” lady but the name alone sells it to me. Almost worth a punt just for the hell of it.

Meantime whilst the medical profession seems to be providing me with an embarrassment of problems and tests, a friend randomly found a solution for me yesterday. As I was discussing my gym ban and how I was going to “cold shoulder”(what I considered to be a suggestion (in the same way it was suggested it was unsafe for me to leave hospital) . I really need to be exercising as I can already feel my spondylolisthesis returning. I am already walking several miles a day but now I have an even better way to do it. Hand weights. So now I can and will walk to and from the gym with these fluorescent yellow babies”working me out” en route and then can do other stuff when I reach my “safe” environment.

There don’t seem to be any instructions but how hard can it be?



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