Back in my virtual world

Just over 5 days without an internet connection has proved challenging, irritating, expensive and a reminder of how life was, not that long ago. But, as my invidious disease, former “friends” and ex-husband have taught me…there is no looking back. Eyes forward and get on with it (at least I knew this communication issue was finite and I could always find a wi-fi or 4G spot if needed!)

In the meantime the hospital letters have been pouring in after a brief hiatus. Herceptin is continuing after an obstacle race with my echo results. Next week I embark on my 5 day ECG. I am still unclear how this works. I understand that a mechanism the size of a mobile phone will be fitted and can be attached to my belt or go in my pocket I have neither but am ignoring that for the time being. Just imagining that I might be offered a Guantanamo one size jumpsuit with pockets and belt for the experience but expect I will have to work it out for myself (gym will be interesting!). On day 5 of this, I have been called for a mega-set of CT scans. I imagine I can’t do this with the ECG stuff in place. (It says 5 day ECG but clinic is every Tuesday so either it is a 7 day ECG or it will stop working on day 5 in which case, problem solved). Suspect (given the weight of experience) that problem is not solved, and, after waiting a month for these “urgent” tests one of them needs changing…but which one?



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