Maureen Lipman in the 1980s has to be my role model in so far as counting my success in my own particular “ologies”… and here she is.

This week I have had letters from: neurology, radiology, oncology and cardiology. I am assuming that this is part of continuing quest to discover which box they are going to try and put me in. I thought we had agreed that neurology had been struck off, but it appears not. No idea where the referral has come from or for what, but  says in the letter, the ominous “expect to be in the department for some time”.

I imagine that there is no line of communication between the “ologies” and wonder what happens after whatever tests/findings are completed. Think I will need some sort of co-ordinator or one of these new NHS “navigators” (but suspect their role, whatever it is, will not cover what I need).

Suffice it to say I am neither planning to be put in a box (of any kind…) nor visit all 4 departments routinely. Not how I intend to spend my time BUT I am going through the motions insofar as required for any possibility of future travel insurance and driving.


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