Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Tomorrow is the day for my 5 day ECG fitting aka R Test Event Cardiac Monitoring. I remain bemused about attaching the monitor to my belt or keep in my pocket.Even if I choose suitable clothes, what happens at bedtime? Or, if monitor is put in a back pocket, does that mean I can’t sit down for 5 daytimes? I am hoping the mysteries will demystify tomorrow. However this all works (or doesn’t) I imagine the cats will derail it. Then there is the issue of what an R test event actually is,  R for repetitive? random? ridiculous? recreational drug? red wine?

In the meantime I have been sent a reminder “to wear something comfortable”. On which part of my anatomy is comfort “something comfortable” required, I wonder.

…and just to add to the “fun” my arm seems to have developed a curious reaction to the adhesive (?) that held my cannula in place for my #FridaynightCTscans. Unless, of course, an elliptical rash, is a portent of something “other”



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