Electronic tagging has been done and I have been discharged back into the community for 5 days. ECG monitor is attached with a popper (the press stud variety) and hung from a particularly funky NHS “necklace”…not! Unsure why belts and pockets were mentioned. I have a diagram of how to remove/replace for showering but it has been copied so many times, all I can see is a torso outline – no positioning guide no anatomical indicators.

I have to leave the ECG plus questionnaire plus medication lists at hospital Reception on Sunday and not to worry if nobody there…just leave it. I am sure I heard this correctly but am not computing this instruction well.

I will not get results unless there is something major wrong with me when I will get a letter and an appointment. No timeframe for this. I can’t chase up because I don’t know which department referred me. The nurse fitting the monitor said it was a Dr Light-tower, but couldn’t tell me her department.

I couldn’t make this up…

How do I get an all-clear if (there is even an outside chance) I am all-clear?

As I sit here missing my big adventure, I have started looking at trips again as my travel insurance is paying out for those I had to cancel…Maybe, after all, I can…


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