Whip Crack Away

I have detached my 5 day ECG and returned it (as instructed) to an empty Reception area. I will have to assume that it will be picked up, read and reported on. Meantime I am left with the mark of Zorro on my chest. Another procedure, another memento.

2016-04-17 09.32.54

I await the next round of prodding and poking, but have a hospital-free week (at present), which I am filling/have filled with a selection of birthday treats. Given I rose from my bed and survived an over-long blue lip experience, two things (of the shallow variety) sprang to mind.

  • that every birthday should be a “big” birthday
  • that lips should always be red (Viva la Diva red today!)

I have been made-over by a wonderful lady-boy, acquired crimson talons on my fingers , cockail-ed and dined, shopped until I dropped (and even used an uber cab – not my app, not my idea but I am happy to hang on to hipper coat-tails than mine). The next highlight is to singalong with Calamity Jane (Doris Day & Howard Keel).

This may not exactly suggest a range of activities that includes something for everyone but I care, not a jot…I can place my cowgirl neckerchief over my tender spot and get back to those black Dakota hills…

Calamity Jane teaser





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