Offload mode

So…two months after “The Big Nap” I finally reach my last (current last) harbour on the checklist for diagnosis. The brain guys. Neurology. Wednesday.

Given that I (apparently) had the relevant neurology tests when in ICU, and they were “clear“, I am unsure if this appointment is to give me an outcome of some sort, further investigations or is just the place of last resort!

I still don’t have ECG results. I would like to think that this indicates they were “clear“, but have far too much experience of NHS administration to really believe this. I anticipate more phonecalls are required and wonder which area of the hospital I should bother next.

I have been reading assiduously around the subject and the latest volume “It’s All in Your Head” by Suzanne O’Sullivan (recent winner of the Wellcome Book Prize) has convinced me that my diagnosis could well be –  disocciative seizures. Despite the fact that this is a label that doctors are reluctant to use. This condition is most commonly brought on by trauma, which also fits. The only fly in the ointment is that I suffered cardiac arrest as well which does not seem to slot into place with the other symptoms, but everything else is there. If this is the endpoint for the recurrent collapses then it helps neither with driving nor travel nor, possibly, life expectancy BUT may decrease hospital appointments…LOL!

Cloud, silver lining? Silver lining, cloud?




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