To tox or not to tox

Fast forwarding through dentist, diabetic checks, scans, herceptin, numerous telephone consultations and a fabulous double dose of both Simon Schama & my American family… I have been fully immersed in  The Quest for the Cures – fascinating stuff (albeit 9 hours of it on YouTube). It looks at our lifestyle and eating habits, sugar and acids particularly, and their role in the proliferation of cancer. This is examined along with the effects of the treatments were are being offered.

To put this in context, I am strongly in the evidence-based medicine corner…almost nailed to it. However amid this (rather jarring) American proselytising documentary I am feeling that there is something to hear and heed seriously about our heavy handed treatment of cancer. Instead of bombing the immune system with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, maybe we should be boosting the immune system and de-toxing. There are (inevitably glossy, shiny, white-toothed smiley American) people demonstrating how changing their habits have”cured” them. I take this with a winnebego-load of salt but something is resonating loudly here.

I have already done the bombing with chemo and surgery so am unsure how I can or could go with the programme. But, whilst I have already long pondered the decision of refusing mammograms and further chemotherapy I continue to look at the options.

I now have 6 hours of  Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies to watch (it is available free online in US and DVD in UK)…As “they” say knowledge is power



One thought on “To tox or not to tox

  1. The Truth about Cancer was super intense. Lots to think about to be sure. I’m 2.5 years out from diagnosis and still learning all the time about how to contribute to my best possible long term outcome.
    Best of luck on your journey.

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