Part-time working; part-time patient…why is it that you are always expected to be “free” at any time because of that? I had years of this in the workplace and now again I am having to dance to the tune of expectation…except of course, I’m not!

Do they anticipate that cancer patients sit around waiting for medical appointments to fill their days? It certainly seems so…I have had a day of being huffed and puffed at for daring to try and re-arrange inconvenient appointments. Appointments that frankly I don’t want but am “required” to attend for reasons that aren’t my own. It also took up several hours of dialling, re-dialling, leaving messages, trying again and again before I even found a person who could, with unsurprsing reluctance “help” – but only after interrogating me about why I couldn’t attend the given appointment. Is there really no understanding (or training) that a prognosis like mine makes me want to fill my days with living not dealing with people, who don’t seem to be seeing the full picture?

Frankly, feeling well fed up…bad enough living with the unpredictability of cancer without feeling like a nuisance for being unable to attend an urgent appointment, which is only urgent because I was erased from their recall list (again!), not because it is either medically urgent or personally important. It would be happiness incarnate not to attend but I do not want to waste precious NHS resources.



1 thought on “Part-timing

  1. Sorry you’ve had such a bad day but no one can ever say you are a nuisance.

    You are one very kind, caring and special lady


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