Despite a week of more medical assignations than any other activity, I thought I was doing OK. I not only confidently signed up for a 7.25 (am) “Power Wave” class, 20 minutes of “high intensity workout using the PowerWave bag for all ages and all levels of fitness.” How hard could it be? I signed up for more than one session of the series…metastatic cancer, unexplained heart stoppage, diabetes type 1, sciatica be damned

In my typical brain trying to defy body mode I even went to the gym before the class and did 30 minutes of strenuous aerobic activity.I thought I was being sensible (?) and warming up.  All I can say about the experience is that I seemed to enter a senior moment time-warp the minute I entered the class. I was shown (1:1) how to hold the PowerWave bag and I forgot in the second between being shown and being given the bag…several times…Repeat for the first exercise…so now I am not only holding bag wrong but doing the exercise wrong…

I didn’t even last the warm-up (which was without the bag) before I decided that this really was not for me and collapsed in a giggling heap (on my own) on the running track. Of course any “normal” person might have recognised  the likelihood of this before signing up but I quite like the thought that “This Girl Can”…even if I can’t…




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