Should know better

Echo results…blood tests…herceptin…eye problems…insurance negotiations…driving license re-application….oncology…

AND what do I do? Act my age? Be sensible? ….n’ah…what do I do? Without consulting/talking to anyone whose advice might be useful. I get my eyebrows (which vanished..never to return, from chemo) tattooed. Or, in more age-appropriate language. I have had microblading.

Whilst the shape is OK (or is it?)…they are very dark…I gather this will “soften” but I currently feel defined by my eyebrows. Unsure what to do, other than act surprised! Should I….

  • Disregard aftercare advice and see what happens?
  • Wait for 2nd appointment and get them broadened? add grey? re-shaped?
  • Take to my bed/garden/the hermit-life?
  • Grow my fringe?
  • Buy better concealer?
  • Stop being so vain?
  • Botox my lips to shift the focus?
  • Wonder about rain damage
  • or blame my mother, she did tell me “that if the wind changed I would forever remain with THAT face” and it was BREXIT day after all…(so maybe Boris’ or Nigel’s fault)

…and wonder why someone of my age was so compliant when the “technician” was not the young beautifully browed  beauty I had imagined (after my NARS experience). Instead someone with eyebrows I visibly balked at (so far as I was able, without my glasses on) and there’s the rub…




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