Taking my own medicine

Having spent the past couple of weeks telling others to focus on what they can do rather than what they have lost, I find myself backed into a corner and having to look at my own situation:

I can:

  • Drive again
  • Detach (or semi-detach) from hospital
  • Potter in my garden
  • Sit in the sunshine
  • Enjoy company
  • Discover what makes (the new me) happy
  • Travel (sensibly)
  • Have long and funky fingernails
  • Brush my hair
  • Get through my GoodReads target for this year (as you can see 59 read, to date, from a target of 75)
  • dance in the light of the moon, as if nobody is watching, as if everybody is watching!

but I am also thinking I can:

  • Forget what I am up against and do too much
  • Take on the world
  • Say yes to anything (maybe these first 3 are the same?)
  • Reduce medication
  • Travel (foolishly….?)

…but sadly I can’t, but it’s been fun trying! AND – how terrible is sleeping from 10pm one night to 5pm the next day?

I am trying not to fret about the stuff I have lost and find other ways to do things or find new things to embrace


I have 3 goals (that I consider do-able) on the horizon for this year.

  1. I originally had the first on my 1991 “to do” list
  2. The second is an unexpected going back. A gathering forged from tragedy
  3. The third has been on my “forever” wishlist

and also daring to dream about 2017. Not sharing yet. Will if I accomplish.




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