About Wendy

Not only do I have Type 1 diabetes and am awaiting spinal surgery but now have inflammatory breast cancer.
When not dealing with my health problems, I have a full-time job being housekeeper to 2 cats with attitude.
I love all my family and friends, my writing group, my reading group, fish and chips, the smell of the sea and sound of the seagulls, drinking Veuve Cliquot, singing in the car, being a “senior” gym bunny, reading good fiction, watching good films, cooking good food, The Archers, Prosecco, saying no to neutrals and yes to colour… Also a complete and unapologetic victim to the face cream and lipstick industry.


5 thoughts on “About Wendy

  1. All your Florida Family are thinking of you! Wish we could send you a little bit of our sunshine. We all love you


  2. Dear Wendy, I met you in our group at the Life Writing event last week. Thank you for giving me the details to your blog, which is as well-written and thought-provoking as it is courageous and inspiring. Best wishes with your forthcoming American travels 🙂


  3. Hi Wendy, my name is Robin. I am 35 years old and am a mother of a great two year old. I was diagnosed with IBC on March 8,2017. I am terrified. I wanted to reach to someone who has ibc.


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