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Medical staff seem surprised to find me in as positive mood as I am. It may seem bizarre to onlookers, but, to come round from surgery to a body shape far better than the one I left behind is surely something to celebrate. Granted, half that “shape” is a small breast-shaped stuffed cushion but it still looks better to me than either the diseased or un-diseased breast that has gone. The relief of no longer being big-breasted so outweighs all the downsides of this surgery.

My drainage bag was removed yesterday so I now feel less like Marley’s ghost, dragging my chains behind me…or, more in character, getting them looped onto any door handle or hook going! I was strapped up with dressings by the district nurses and left to “rest”.

I suppose it was destined that everything was not going to run as smoothly as it had been, and within an hour or so I realised that my trousers and top were wet and bloody – I was “leaking”. Unsure what to do, I dripped around the house and pale coloured carpets for a while before wrapping myself in a beach towel…as you do…and called the district nurses. They were lovely and re-padded me up after checking that I had stopped dripping. They did suggest that maybe I was trying to do too much instead of “just resting” …. Me?