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Playing house

It is an odd experience setting up home…and doing it my own way. The cats have been “treated” to the world’s most expensive cat-flap, which has required replacing a large double glazed door, carving out a hole for the “specially designed slimline fitting”! I was reassured that slimline refers to the cat-flap not the size of cat, or we may have had a problem. They have not been very keen to check out the new investment and can sit and wait for hours so that I can provide them with a full personal door opening service…but I have heard them trotting in and out and night time, so they can use it.

I have not attempted power tools of any sort nor have I even dipped my toe in the choppy waters of decorating, telephony, IT not even banging nails into the wall. It’s best that way. Instead am playing to my genetic strengths of shopping and catering…every day a new opportunity – on-line, in the High Street, out of town, mail order, new recipe books to discover, new dishes to try..I hold the whip hand as I try hard…really hard…to slough off terminal anxiety (which is another core part of my ethnic identity) from the list…

Need to slot back into the medical world next week…I am trying to keep it in a shrink-wrapped compartment but it will keep seeping out. Still, seeping has to be better than full-on assault.