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Layers of loss…

“The situation” with the cat has now been to the negotiating table…Alfie, it seems is leaving home. “Loss” seems to be my middle name at present so I made a remarkably sanguine (or maybe I am just worn down) decision about him. Should he stay or should he go? Well…he hisses all the time here (even when I was trying to discuss the matter with him), he hates the other cat and comes in to do anything other than feed (and hiss), very rarely. Apparently in his “other” home (one of them anyway)..he purrs, plays and generally chills (as well as having “his own pillow”)…Sounds like a happier cat to me, so I have agreed he can go, as my requirements regarding his medications, vet appointments, honesty about his age seemed not to cause a problem…So, leaving “do” is next weekend! ┬áNot sure I am exactly becoming inured to loss but maybe just starting to see this is my lot…I have said he can come “home” if he is unhappy.

Loss of eyesight could be another to add to list. A few hours at Eye Hospital today with a new variety of equipment for retinal photography seems to show….? Well…I’m not sure..they don’t seem sure…and will have to “meet” and get back to me. My assumption was that this may be a new way of introducing efficiency savings ie no-one will get back to me and trying to contact the Eye Hospital would challenge even Job’s patience on the Kafka-esque phone circuit. Thus they lose one from the endless list. Perhaps it’s genuine and they really don’t know what’s going on but time will tell. So far as I am concerned, I can see as well as usual but who knows what is going on in the deeper regions behind the retina…Still..gives me something new to google! I have already found “retinal vein occlusion” – could it be that?