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Language barrier

I always thought myself quite literate so have been surprised, when trying to read the newspaper, of all manner of new (?) vocabulary that seems to have crept in, when I wasn’t looking. Maybe everybody else knows what a mocktail is, but I didn’t…same goes for hidalgo…scanxiety (which, if you already know or have looked-up, you would have thought I should have heard of) cortado, MAMIL and many more oddities I encountered in the very first page I attempted. Am I really so disconnected from “real” life?  I feel like Rip van Winkle but I feel sure I was awake yesterday. I’m sure I was…

Pushing that worrying distraction to one side, onto the ever increasing stressy pile, I prepare for more treatment this week.  Whilst I know the Herceptin infusion is keeping me alive, it can’t help but prompt a reminder of my diagnosis and whatever buoyancy I have managed to capture seems to evaporate (for a while anyway).  I want to dispense with this 3 weekly ritual and just let nature take its course (I feel relatively well after all) but I suspect that I am not going to be allowed to do that. So I prepare, again, for a half day with a Healthcare at Home nurse…I think the nurse who will be treating me is the one who is scared of cats, so no furry ball of warm comfort in my lap tomorrow afternoon. Then I am scheduled back at both Eye Hospital and Dermatology in the next week…and blood tests…Whoo-hoo…the fun just goes on and on!