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DOA or is it a dream?

I am gradually piecing bits together from various sources about the past week. The upside is that I appear to be Plath’s Lady Lazarus...”A sort of walking miracle” or, at my (far more) shallow and level…Limmie & The Family Cookin’ (substitute “he” for “she”)

The downside is that my pupils were non reactive, no pulse…dead on arrival? But…it appears not…I seem to be alive…how does that work? If I had a religious bone in my body, it would seem that I came back from the dead. Me? Really?….really?

I seem to be at home, laughing, enjoying company, cooking, being bossy, functioning (on some level) and imbibing an odd glass of wine

A&E consultant thought he had crossed wires on which patient it was, when my son asked when I could go home, as I had been considered “dead”

  • I have a DNR (do not resuscitate order) which was not followed
  • My brain was starved of oxygen in an upright position and I was non-responsive
  • I seem to have an iron survival instinct
  • I am glad to be alive
  • I had prayers sent from every world religion
  • I had those I love rooting for me
  • It makes no sense to clinicians or loved ones but hey…here I am…

So…what on earth do I do now for my next trick?

Guess I pay my speeding fine, surrender my driving licence, enjoy the size 8-10 clothing, place my next Ocado order and move swiftly on…It could be worse!