Time’s up…

Monday morning, murky and rainy and I am back in the medical groove.

The more the chemo continues, the more side effects I have been experiencing…which makes the prospect of the next round tomorrow somewhat harrowing. Yesterday was a good day, apart from the fact that my blood sugar plummeted in the evening (when I was out) which meant I had difficulty getting home (despite help) and that I woke with a pounding headache which will last most of the day. I feel tearful as I start dosing myself with the steroids I need for the chemo tomorrow – these will raise my blood sugar to astral heights…Dealing with the chemo and the diabetes whilst feeling unwell is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

So – now I need to get myself dressed and down to the GP for blood tests to check if I am “well” enough for tomorrow and bizarrely I hope I am. However bad it is, it would be worse if it had to be delayed…so let’s hope I am “well”…


9 thoughts on “Time’s up…

  1. Ask the district nurse from the gp’s to come out to you for your are you well enough for chemo blood tests. It’s something that will save a bit of physical and emotional energy and may help

    I think you are allowed to be a bit tearful just go with it.

    Nolle timere


  2. Hi Wendy
    thinking of you – David went through this, although minus the diabetes related complications – so I can imagine how awful it is. Would love to drop in with a cake-based offering at some time if you are up to it – or perhaps meet up with H somewhere lovely?
    Clare Holt


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