A yawning void

My friend died last night…I am not going to talk about any battles or use euphemisms to describe it. Death is messy, cancer is messy and the past week or so has been impossibly difficult (and I wasn’t even there all the time)…Facing a world without her is even more difficult, it already feels desolate. Staring cancer in the face has, for me, been like staring at what I also have to face alongside watching her suffer.

Earlier in the week, she said what it turns out were to be her last words to me..”Wend..we are going to be mighty fine angels”…As last words go, I think those are pretty damn good..She would be proud!


13 thoughts on “A yawning void

  1. Hi Wendy

    It seems completely inadequate to say I send you my deepest sympathy, but I do want to let you know I’m thinking of you. And angels.

    Julia x


  2. I’m so sorry Wendy, but am so glad you had some time with her. You were obviously a great friend to her through thick and thin, and she will have appreciated that more than anything. Lots of love to you. Jody.x


  3. RIP Sally. I remember her smoker’s laugh!. But how great to have shared decades of friendship. I’m around some of this weekend if you fancy company or coffee or a drink. I hope the memories will be consoling.


  4. So sorry Wendy to hear of your friends passing, but she knew she was going to be angel. Thinking of you.

    Love Sandra


  5. So sorry Wendy. my heart breaks for you and for her family. But I will say that the world does need Angels and I am sure she will smile and help the people still here on Earth who need her – I get the impression that hers is the sort of soul that will find a way to defy boundaries. With love, H


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