Is my goose well and truly cooked?

It is the shortest day of the year – my annus horribilis and as I nudge towards its end I can’t help but reflect on what a helluva year it’s been…not the sort of year I had planned for or hoped would ever happen. Probably just as well we don’t know what’s lying in store for us round every corner. I will certainly be glad to see the year out but am nervous of investing too much hope in the coming one. It’s still little steps…

I had my scans yesterday which will provide the evidence for what I imagine is my medical high point – being so close to the end of chemo…I will find out what that particular picture looks like a couple of weeks into January.

But…far more significant (in a short term way) is that the Christmas food shop will be delivered tomorrow morning. I have had a brief flurry with the current fridge contents to assess what space I can make available but we seem to have a bit of a champagne glut going on which, fortunately, is a problem that can be easily resolved.

We are “out” for Christmas dinner – although I am roasting and adding a goose to the festivities. Of course the whole joy (?) of the Christmas extravaganza is the leftovers. I am having to prepare the leftovers in a somewhat non traditional way of cooking some turkey especially so it is then “left over” for the Boxing Day sandwiches to accompany sausage rolls, stuffing, pickled onions and HP sauce – a house special!

I am looking forward to welcoming the turkey and goose to my fridge (or…as seems more likely the empty fridge of a neighbour). The madness can then all commence after I have had my first post-chemo treatment on Christmas Eve.


6 thoughts on “Is my goose well and truly cooked?

  1. Hi Wendy, let’s pray this is a better year for us both. I’m lucky that I can pretend it’s not happening (in between gulping down bottlefuls (should that be bottles full?) of pills. I’d be interested to know what you do with cold goose. I’ve discovered it is impossible to make soup from and after one day of goose sandwiches the novelty goes off a bit. It is nice in bubble and squeak, however. Keep your chin up love.


    1. I have my passport polished for the trip to Yorks tomorrow. All weather reports are in solemn, warning tones. An Oxford knees up seems so much more appealing, but hey. Have a good one, Wend and festive greetings to all your ‘followers’.
      Sal xxx


  2. Hi Wendy. I hope all went ok with the post chemo treatment today (it is after midnight so must now be yesterday. I do hope the side effects prove to be negligible compared with what you have had to put with so far. I am thinking of you a lot. Xxx


  3. Hi Wendy, hope the treatment went as well as possible! Just to let you know I am reading your blog regularly and thinking of you even more regularly!! Your blog often makes me v hungry (and thirsty). Lots and lots of love ulla xx


  4. your holiday festive culinary delights sounded yummy! we are also recovering from the overload of food!! We all send our love and hugs.
    Stephanie and the gang


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